Our Ministry Arm

Focusing on the Mark Ministries
Focusing on the Mark Ministries (FMM) is the ministry arm of Marks Enterprises. The following are the current divisions of the ministry:  a daily blog post, social media, a podcast, YouTube messages, articles, books, and seminars.

The mission of Focusing on the Mark Ministries is to 2 fold.

  1. We desire to harvest the lost through preaching a clear messages of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. We desire to stir up Believers to revival. Specifically, we are focusing on the American Church because that is where we primarily feel called to.

 Our core values are







And Jesus Christ

For a full explanation of what we mean by these values please visit our sermon.net channel and listen to the FMM Core Value Series.

We pray that you are encouraged in your Christian walk to drawn nearer to The Lord.

  • A Different Approach to College
  • Life Purpose Planning
  • Biblical Manhood
  • Timothy Commission–for young people
  • Forming a Timothy Commission–Biblical Discipleship training for men and women and mature young people
  • Hope for When the Storm Hits–a Biblical analysis of the U.S.A. and the hope we can have amidst the impending crash
  • Developing Multiple Streams of Income
  • Dating…Courtship….or what? Which is Biblical!

*Check Focusing on the Mark Ministries website for current pricing and offers.


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