Our Enterprises

Ryan Marks Services
Lawn Care
Powerwashing (homes, patios, around pools, decks, driveways)
Odd Jobs
Gutter Cleaning
Land Clearing (Brush and small trees)
Basement and Garage Clean Up and Organization/Building
Electronic Database
Get My Logo A GoGo
Newsletter/Flyer Design
Priced by the project.
Desktop Publishing–handouts, brochures, slides, etc…
Priced by the Project.
Book Layout
  We have currently done the layout for 7 books through publishing with Amazon’s Createspace. They are currently for sale here: Amazon Store just click “look in side” to see our work.
Current Pricing:
       $100 to format and publish to Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle
Copywriting Services
Books, PDFs, websites and more!
We typically do Book copyright pages for $50-100, PDF’s for $45, and Website footer copyrights for $75
  We set up services (Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, social networking marketing arsenal, blogs, basic websites, YouTube channel, business email account, sermon.net accounts, online surveys, and more)
Current Pricing:
For Websites
          $99/yr to renew your (1) domain, hosting, and manage your current site
          $199 Basic Website Setup
          $299  Create basic website, blog, and social media marketing network (Twitter and Facebook)
          $399  Large website setup (many features, 10 or more pages/tabs)
          $199/yr to manage, renew (1) domain, and have current site hosted
*Prices subject to change without notice due to the changing costs of hosting services
           $50  Setup Blog
           $100 We set up and teach you to use social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) through Hootsuite
           $50 Set up and maintain your Amazon Author page (ie you must send us the title of each new book after the initial setup in order for us to update it)
            For other services/setup of accounts ask us for pricing
Online Sales coaching for selling on Ebay and Amazon.
Products of Excellence
     Products of Excellence is an enterprise in development which will share a variety of products from books to appliances that have been found excellent. Links, pictures, and occasional reviews will be featured.
Niche Sales (Pending)
   Niche sales will target certain markets. For example, we are seriously considering developing woodburned placs and prodcuts and creating an online enterprises solely dedicated to these products.
Affiliate Websites (Pending)
   Affiliate websites are websites that feature products from a contracted business. For example, Amazon has an affiliate program which allows those who enter into contract with them to build a website featuring products on Amazon and get a commission on the sales that are pushed to Amazon by their efforts.
To Contact us about any of our enterprises, please complete the form below:


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