Marks Enterprises, LLC is the parent company of Entrepreneur Ryan Marks’ business endeavors. Focusing on the Mark Ministries (FMM) is the ministry arm of the company. Ryan Marks Services currently serves as the personal services branch of the company.

    Marks Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to keeping Jesus Christ as Lord, working hard, and applying creative resourcefulness. Our prayer is that as the Lord prospers us according to Joshua 1:8; that we will not be a curse, but a blessing to all that we are able to serve.

About Ryan Marks


   Ryan Marks, born in Illinois and raised in Missouri, grew up working around his parents property landscaping the yard with his father, building cabins in the woods, and managing imaginary legions in boyhood war. In his young adult years, Ryan was put into a position of leadership in his local Royal Rangers patrol. During the two years that he led there, he learned how to speak, preach, write, plan events, organize teaching schedules and teach classes in addition to developing numerous skills through merit work, camps, and leadership training.
    As he grew older and the Lord led him away from Rangers; but Ryan continued to learn by teaching several Bible studies, developing curriculum, writing a 366 day devotional book and launching into a service-based business. Ryan has cut grass, cleared trees, and done various odd jobs. Although these were the staples of his business, he also has dabbled in Ebay and Amazon sales, logo design, and desktop publishing.
    In the summer of 2012, Ryan began studying Communication with CollegePlus as his aid. Armed with Life Purpose Planning, prayer and purposeful direction (not to mention a great Life Coach, Bryan Hart), Ryan launched into his studies. He pursued many internship, ministry, and business opportunities during his studies. Including interning for New Fields Creative Services and launching a podcast for them, setting up a blog, Facebook page, and compiling two Sunday School curriculum’s that Vincent Newfield had taught at his local church. After that internship, Ryan worked for Watson’s Bros Remodeling for three months furthering his own service business skills. During the working for the Watson’s, Ryan simultaneously interned for the Creative Department, Youth Department, and Senior Pastor at Faith Community Church. Shortly after finishing his internship, he was asked to come on staff as Senior Pastor Ed Shirrell’s Administrative Assistant, leaving that position the end of 2013. On March 7, 2014, Ryan graduated from Thomas Edison State College with his BA in Communications.
     Aside from business endeavors, Ryan has been involved in ministry since he was 14. At that time, Ryan began sharing devotions and preaching as well as laboring on a four-year book project: a 366 day devotional work: Thoughts Volumes 1-3. Since January of 2010, Ryan has been sharing a monthly devotional issue: Devo Blast ( Sign Up for Devo Blast) via email and Facebook and as of November 2012, Ryan has been ministering through Focusing on the Mark Ministries through books, podcasts, a daily blog, and seminars.
       To view Ryan’s professional profile please click here.



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