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Elance and the Family Economy/Entrepreneurism

Ryan Marks

        I was on this last month and found a link to Elance. After looking into it, I found out that this is a huge freelancing hub which has connected freelancers with over a billion dollars of work. I signed up for free (my profile) and began giving some proposals on ghostwriting, editing, and publishing/formatting Kindle and Createspace books for people.

Now, what I like about Elance is twofold. #1 it is a way that families can apply Biblical economics. What I mean by that is the root word for economy means family economy or household economy. When you look in the Bible families typically worked together. Isaac worked for Abraham, Joseph and his brothers for Jacob, David for Jesse, Jesus for Joseph, etc… The growing family economics conferences are encouraging people to get back to this model. Especially since #2 businesses are increasingly decentralizing and Obamacare mandates that charge some $20,000 in penalties to large businesses per employee, yet exempt small businesses with fewer than 50 employees. This is mostly due to insurance under Obamacare, but those who implement Biblical medical sharing like Samaritan Ministries are exempted from the mandates.

My heart is for helping Americans seek the Lord. The problems we are facing in this nation are huge. The national debt that was about $5,000 per tax payer in the early 2000s is now upwards of $200,000. Welfare is growing. Persecution of those who stand for their faith is increasing. But God is working! God has kept homeschooling legal even though homeschoolers only make up about 1% of the population.  God has created an exemption for those who get back to following His Word though medical sharing ministries. God has also created a blessing in taxation and regulation for those who build family enterprises and economies. For a complete explanation of a vision of getting back to seeking the Lord in all areas of life see Hope For When the Storm Hits.

I especially am burdened for young men (especially future pastors) who will be seeking to provide for their families and serve God in the future. I encourage all of them to start a business and begin developing multiple streams of income as Ecclesiastes teaches. I am not proclaiming a prosperity teaching nor am I saying that is a sin to work for a corporation. But a return to God’s Word and wise preparation for what is coming in this country is a must. Elance is just one way to get back to that. Be a freelancer or independent contractor for others as decentralization is happening. Build other streams of income too. Reduce your spending by looking for deals, eliminating areas of monetary waste, and turn what you already have into more.

Here are a few ways you could start. Get cash back on the things you already buy with Ebates. Earn gift cards by just using Bing as your search engine with Bing Rewards. Sell your junk on Ebay and Amazon—I’ve sold close to three hundred items that way in a couple of years, it is possible and there is a market out there that is thriving. Work part time. If you’re gonna go to college, seriously consider doing some distance learning and testing out for some of your degree—it literally saved me $10,000s of dollars—with CollegePlus (http:// and their partnering colleges and universities when I earned my BA in Communications in about 2 years (no summers off though J). Recycle your metals, electronics, plastics, paper and cardboard for cash (a young man could easily start a business by collecting other’s recyclables on a weekly or biweekly basis). I hope I’ve whetted your appetite with the vision, a vision of getting back to family economies, decentralization and serving God. These things tend to produce desirable lasting results that programs and large corporations just continue to fail in like molding character, humility, creative resourcefulness, close relationships, and focus on Almighty God.


Now I want to be very clear, I am not advocating quitting a paying job prematurely because you want to have a family economy/your own business. Take time to transition, save some funds, and get a few income streams going. I know several who are trying to do this now because they one day want to be doing something other than what they are currently working in. But it all starts by seeking the Lord.

–This article contains several hyperlinks which provide referral fees to the author if individuals sign up (we’re just being transparent that this is one of our income streams)

By Ryan M Marks

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